Energy Balancing System & Tools


Simulation alone provides the facts

The ALMiG “3-stage plan” of the Energy Balancing System (EBS system) can solve your energy problems.
This energy-balancing system indicates how the entire compressed air system can be operated with maximum energy efficiency and how to eliminate the power guzzlers.

The “3-stage plan” of the ALMiG EBS systems comprises the following three steps:

  • Measurement
  • Analysis
  • Simulation


   The benefit of measuring compressed air consumption with subsequent simulation is obvious.
  • The overall compressed air system becomes transparent
  • Weak points are revealed
  • A large number of tables and graphic representations support your decision-making process
  • The effects of changes in the compressed air station can be simulated
  • Hence it is possible to run through all scenarios and develop the optimal solution for your situation
   Individual advice on how to optimise the costs of a compressed air station can only be given on the unerring basis of information gained beforehand and the simulation of future overall plant or compressed air concepts.
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